SKOW is the brainchild of Mrs. Raj Williams. After surviving 2 brain surgeries and breast cancer, Raj decided to devote the remainder of her life to help others in need. As a first step to make SKOW a reality, Raj wrote her memoir Divine Strength of Mind and had it published in November 2010. Profits from book sales will be diverted mainly towards SKOW and other charitable causes. Her book talks about survival from her mega illnesses and more information on this is available at:

Coming from a philanthropic family in India, and armed with a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning, it was easy for Raj to envision a worldwide charitable Foundation designed to address one of the three basic issues for man, which is hunger. The other two are shelter and clothing.

While she intends SKOW to be a first stop for poor and hungry people, she does not intend for it to become a dependant institution. It is designed as a first stop for starving and hungry people, who will become strong and able to lead sustainable lives. Wherever possible, assistance will be provided to make people independent of SKOW.

As many of you would agree, service to others who are less fortunate is one of the noblest things a human being can do. You not only gain good karma points that can serve you well both here and beyond, but will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone else less fortunate. With this in mind, the food provided at SKOW will be full of flavor and nutrients, conveying the message that a poor soul has as much right to good and wholesome food as an affluent person.

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