Making a Difference

Soup Kitchens

Soup Kitchens of the World (SKOW) is a nonprofit charity founded in the United States of America. SKOW will be a clean, safe and wholesome dining experience planned to serve food to the poor and hungry people in one thousand soup kitchens all over the world. SKOW will transcend religion and politics by keeping conversations related to these topics outside of SKOW premises. People who come to SKOW will be served one good nourishing meal 365 days of the year and is directed towards service to the worlds’ most hungry and disadvantaged people absolutely free of charge.

We the people, privileged and honored to serve, show that we care by providing a nutritional and hearty meal every day at all of the 1,000 planned SKOW premises. We hope that by feeding at least 500,000 hungry souls the world over, at the planned soup kitchens in almost all countries of the world, we will foster a sense of kinship and goodwill.  This will send a message to the poor, that there are people in the world who care about their “well-being”. We do this not for fame or glory, but for the pure satisfaction to serve and help sustain the hungry at least once a day.  We believe that fighting poverty by feeding the hungry and giving them the energy that they need to stand on their own feet is critical to disadvantaged people as they seek long term alternatives to improve their lives.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that a sixth of the world's population is malnourished and also shows that 36 million people in the world die each year as a direct or indirect result of poor nutrition. This amounts to more than one death every second, due to hunger. FAO statistics further reveals that 6 million children per year die globally due to hunger, which is more than half of all children that die the world over, each year. In this environment of hunger and need for one of the most basic needs of humankind, SKOW was established. We at SKOW believe that even a small amount of money currently spent on expensive artillery and equipment, by governments the world over to fight wars/battles, and diverted to conquer world hunger, can help feed a lot of hungry people. SKOW will also tap the generosity of corporations large and small as well as individual donors, to make SKOW mission a reality.